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90% of search engine users click on a result within the first three pages (usually 30 listings) of search engine results, and among them, 62% click on a result within the first page of results. Search engine users believe that companies whose websites appear at the top of the search results are the leaders in their field.

Search Engine Optimizations help your website rank higher in natural search results. Since nearly 85% of all web traffic comes from Search Engines, ranking higher in natural search results in popular targeted search engines help you

  • Gain more web traffic and exposure
  • Generate more sales leads and conversion
  • Build up a desirable brand image

SEO service aims at optimizing a website in order to make it more search engine-friendly, that is to

  • Improve keyword phrases relevancy
  • Improve keyword rankings of the website in natural search results in targeted search engines

so that your website can

  • Best communicate the keywords specific to What you're Selling with targeted search engines
  • Rank higher in natural search results in targeted search engines

Different search engines will have various ranking method, but some major factors that determine your ranking in natural search results are:

  • Unique content with pertinent keywords in the body
  • Link popularity – the number of high-quality incoming links your website owns
  • Architecture of your website
  • Visibility of your content
  • Underlying code
  • How natural your website appears to the engines

How it works

Website Audit & Analysis

Our SEO experts will run a complete website audit & analysis to find any and all optimization and coding issues (broken links, over optimization, page speed, HTML errors, CSS errors, etc.) that are negatively affecting your websites search engine rankings. We then send you a detailed report with our diagnosis & recommendations to help your website reach its full potential

Backlink Profile analysis

We analyze your website’s backlink profile using several of the industry’s leading backlink analysis tools to search for any and all low quality backlinks that may be hurting your websites search engine rankings. We then begin a link removal campaign to get rid of as many low quality links as possible. This alone will make a huge difference.

Comprehensive Keyword Research

An excellent website with all of your on-site optimization and coding in place, is a great thing. However, if you are targeting low volume, non-buying keywords your website will never get the quality traffic that will result in more leads, more sales, or more sign ups. At Traffic Reach we conduct a comprehensive keyword research campaign customized to your website to find the most profitable highly searched keywords in your industry to help you reach your desired ROI.

White Hat Link Building

Getting quality backlinks is extremely vital for achieving higher search engine placement. Backlinks are also the bread and butter for all SEO companies. The primary focus with our link building methods is to build quality content driven natural backlinks that real visitors want to link back to. We post relevant, high quality guest blogs on related sites, put out press releases on high PR domains, like, create and submit infographics, and build many more white hat backlinks that Google loves.

Social Signal Campaign

Having a social buzz around your website has now become the second most important aspect for improving your search engine rankings, especially after the latest Google penguin update. With the internet moving closer to a more social presence, it is only necessary to include social media marketing in your SEO campaign. We manage your entire social signal operation from creating signals on Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus. We also do everything necessary for this, including getting fans, retweets and writing the updates.

Dedicated Project Manager

You will be assigned a personal project manager that will oversee your entire SEO operation from start to finish! He or she will send you email reports (Bimonthly & monthly) keeping you up to speed on the current status of your SEO campaigns. You will also be able reach your project manager Monday-Friday 9am – 5pm Pacific Standard Time for any question or concerns you may have.

Tracking & Reporting

We track and record every important SEO metric that will help in getting you to your goal. Everything from on-page SEO, location of backlinks created, social signals updates, keyword ranking updates, bounce rate, website traffic, where your visitors are coming from, what keywords visitors are using to reach your website and much more. This report is sent to you once a month.