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Achieving Your Goals

Every campaign has a unique goal to drive your business forward. YouTube offers solutions to engage customers in different ways, based on your marketing objective.

You can connect to global or local audiences with the emotional impact and interactivity of online video. The possibilities of bringing your campaign to life on YouTube are endless.

Objectives Oriented

Brand Awareness

Share you story with the world so they can share it with others.

Reach the Right Audience. Then Let Them Advertise You.
Everyone loves to share video, and YouTube makes it easy to spread the word. So go ahead - create those unique brand experiences that customers seek out, love, and share with others.

Product Launchs

Go to market with a bang with the right environment, tools, and partners.

Launch With a Bang
Want to drive excitement for a new product? Use the power of sight, sound, and motion to get maximum velocity.

Direct Response

Draw customers in and convert viewers to buyers with the interactivity, excitement and power of video.

Turn Viewers into Customers
The color and excitement of video makes YouTube a powerful platform for direct response. Show off your product and its benefits, then use calls-to-action to turn viewers into customers. YouTube’s powerful targeting capabilities help you reach only the most qualified audiences -- and with TrueView video ads, you pay only when they choose to actually watch your message.

Reputation Management

Be top of mind for the right reasons with authentic two-way interactions, while maintaining the control you need.

Be Top of Mind for the Right Reasons
People are going to talk about your business online. YouTube lets you engage those consumers emotionally and create real two-way interactions where you can offer help, add thoughts, and shape the conversation about your brand.

Audience Engagement

Engage and build relationships with customers searching for, sharing, subscribing, and following your brand.

Make Customers Feel Like Part of the Team
YouTube has 800 million unique visitors every month, and that's a lot of potential customers. But more importantly, the sight, sound, and motion of video help you engage viewers at an emotional level, so they feel part of your brand.

Customers can watch your videos, comment on them, share them with friends and subscribe for future videos. You can even run contests and invite fans to make videos of their own. Engage your audience and create connections that last.