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Create user-centred strategies and design concepts

Once we have gained insight into the future and have grasped what people really want, we can use this in-depth understanding to develop product and service concepts.

Experientia provides a toolkit to translate preople’s behaviours, desired experiences and use needs, identified in our foresight and understanding activities, into creative and human-centred strategies, concepts and design guidelines. This ensures value-added and compelling solutions for our client companies.

This approach guides the systematic and iterative development of desirable, usable, useful and sustainable solutions for our clients.

Our designers also employ their own tacit knowledge and experience to synthesise solutions from multiple sources and ideas. It combines both analytical and creative/synthetic activities and skill sets.

The basis for all idea generation is creativity, commonly defined as the ‘ability to combine ideas in new ways to solve problems and exploit opportunities’.

Creativity fosters innovation in:

  • enabling people to think beyond the boundaries of accepted frameworks
  • re-examining assumptions and reinterpreting facts, ideas and past experiences
  • stimulating a corporate culture of openness to new insights and solutions
  • supporting organisational decision-making and problem solving.

Typical methods and techniques to encourage idea generation are brain- or body-storming, mind mapping, story telling, improvisation, experience modelling, opportunity mapping, method cards, wizard-of-oz prototyping, inspiration chests, and innovation workshops.