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Deliver robust products and services through comprehensive user testing

To make a user experience truly valuable, we need to assess, evaluate and measure it. At every stage of the concept development and design phase, from idea generation to prototyping, the user experience needs to be tested.

Experientia’s usability approach is based on our strong emphasis on culture, context and social dynamics. This is one of the core differentiating factors that distinguishes us from many other usability practitioners and offers truly relevant results to our clients.

By incorporating this approach from the beginning of ideation, potential issues can be anticipated, feeding into the next cycle of iteration and development. Through testing, new requirements can also emerge, shaping and directing new conditions of the user experience.

Experientia provides companies with an extensive methodology to do testing in such a way that qualitative results feed back into successive design phases, and the end product or service will be tightly aligned with people’s needs.

More specifically, Experientia will help you answer these crucial product or service questions:

  • To what extent can people use a system with effectiveness, efficiency and satisfaction to achieve their goals?
  • How can we evaluate the tasks, activities and their representations in prototypes or conceptualise them with target groups to assess and improve the product and service experience?
  • How can we monitor the quality of people’s experience during the full lifecycle of a product or service?